No need to hide away in your cave when it's cold outside!

Winter is just around the corner, and the staple for every woman's wardrobe during the chilly season is a furry jacket. What makes Max Mara's Teddy coat different from all the others? The inside has extra room that you can layer for added on style and those extra cold.


The teddy bear coat has a lapel collar which is flappy and folded. This type of collar shows that you want to make a fashion statement. The lapel collar started in the 18th century with men wearing them, while wearing tailcoats. As time went on, they calmed down with the style. Now we see them all the time, as fashion always repeats itself. 



In the cold season, layering is one of the best ways to go out wearing many of your favorite pieces. Below are some different ways that you can style your Teddy bear coat. During the day you can dress it up, or you can dress it down for all those night prowlers. 

So if you're wondering what addition you need in your wardrobe, make room in your closet for this furry friend!  


 Written by Castello's Stylist: Bryanna Ostmann