Go camping with Snow Peak!

Go camping with Snow Peak!

Start your exploration with Snow Peak!

Take Snow Peak along the way on your next camping trip and you won’t be sorry! Since 1958 Snow Peak has designed Japanese lifetime-guaranteed outdoor products! After evolving over the last 60 years, Snow Peak’s core mission has remained the same: to create restorative experience in nature through quality gear. 


Kiss the cook!

To make your camping trip perfect, you should always include this camping stove! The Flat Burner features a stable base for cooking with larger pots. To use, attach a Giga Power Fuel canister and click the auto-igniter and you're ready for cooking!

On the chopping block 

Be the Chef on your trip with your foldable birch wood cutting board set! This features a high carbon stainless steal knife. This was designed with the outside cook in mind, perfect to throw into the camping gear bag for easy cooking!

Once you're all set with chopping up your camp goodies, it's time to cook up a storm! Don't forget to bring your BBQ Tongs designed in Japan and made of durable stainless steel. Perfect for backyard or camp grilling! When the BBQ Tongs are elevated, they keep them sanitary for cooking!

Relax, stay a while!

With Snow Peak's Entry Lgt Table made from laminated wood, it makes the perfect table to bring along for the long weekend trip! This table is perfect for beginning your camp kitchen collection. You can use this in home or outside for a low height cooking and dining space! 

Fill up the bowls that fulfill our souls!

Once your camp dinner is all set, it's time to eat! Snow Peak's Stackable Stainless Steel Tableware Set is perfect for this! They are durable dishes that can take on any kind of trip you're going on! They are rust resistant and lightweight for feeding large groups. They have a mesh bag that fits nicely into your backpack for compact storage!

Keep all your dishes organized and easy to carry with the Kitchen Mesh Bag! The nylon material is easy to clean and the mesh panels prevent moisture buildup. The mesh case also has a 3-wall zipper and a top handle for easy portability.

 Don't forget to Hydrate!

 Another item you might want to bring along is the Titanium Backpacker's Cup! The Sierra cup is made of durable titanium. This is perfect for drinking from, or cooking and measuring! It features granulated measurement lines and a sturdy handle. It is lightweight and the handle also serves as a hook for easy carrying, or attaching to your backpack!


Take Shelter!

Of course you can't forget your home for the camping trip out into the unknown! Take Snow Peak's Land Lock Ivory Tent with you for some shelter. This tent fits up to six people, so the family can all sleep comfortably. Not only is it shelter, it's an eye catching piece to add to your camping ground. It also has a spacious gathering area, a private inner tent for sleeping and two expandable shade panels for even more living space. It also has side panels that allow cross breezes during hot summer nights!

Snow Peak’s Mission: To Embrace Nature

Snow Peak believes in gathering with others outdoors as an antidote to the stresses of modern life, and provides an opportunity to reconnect with each other and ourselves. Snow Peak is dedicated to craftmanship and attention to detail to provide products that are driven by a desire to provide functional items that fuel inspirational experiences! So take Snow Peak on your next adventure!

Created for Life out There...The Arrivals have arrived at Castello!

Created for Life out There...The Arrivals have arrived at Castello!

Explore outerwear at the intersection of play and performance with The Arrivals!

Meet the Moya Leather & Shearling Trim Jacket!

The Arrivals is an independent outerwear studio rooted in fabricating high-function essentials at the intersection of performance and play - Created for life #OutThere. The Moya Leather and Shearling Trim Jacket is perfect for anyone looking to be cozy and fashionable! Featuring a fold over collar with removable buckles around the collar, wrists, and the waist so you can change up the look! This sleek jacket has shearling trim, also found on the cuffs as well as on the inside for maximum warmth! 


One of the eye catching features of this jacket is it's asymmetrical dual front zip closure, size zip pockets, and diagonal zip pockets at the right side chest. The Moya Leather Jacket is popular amongst many trendy celebrities, so you can snag their style!

Leave it to Model Gigi Hadid to get everyone hooked on the new "It item" of the season. Let's face it whatever Gigi puts on will look perfect but on this occasion, she's rocking some really great outerwear!

Gigi's shearling lined moto coat by The Arrivals, a NYC-based brand launched in 2014. She wore the piece out in the city with simple separates, including tapered track pants and embellished combat boots. So you can dress this jacket up, or grunge it down!

More celebrities spotted wearing the Moya Jacket is Kourtney Kardashian and model Adriana Lima, putting their own spin on this coat's look. Kourtney keeps is casual with a pair of Dr. Martens, while Adriana dresses the jacket up with a pair of ripped jeans and red sling backs. This jacket can not steer you wrong!

This celebrity-famous jacket is made made of real lamb shearling that had been dyed. For care, The Arrivals recommend a professional leather clean. Come check it out at Castello and feel like a star!  


Light up your world with Voluspa Suede Blanc candle !!!!

Light up your world with Voluspa Suede Blanc candle !!!!

Want more light in your life?!

Is it Safe to Sleep with a Candle Lit? - What You NEED to Know – Sleep  Flawless

You may ask yourself why is Voluspa candles the answer?! 


 Have a seat we shall explain !!!!

Suede Blanc | 3 Wick Tin Candle | VOLUSPA


Voluspa candles are made up of soy, apricot and coconut waxes. The coconut waxes are cleaner to use than soy wax. The coconut wax also, makes the fragrance scent last longer and stronger than most candles!!

Voluspa Suede Blanc Candle | Pavios, Ideias


A little fun fact some customers will use the containers that the candle comes in as a decoration. For example, flower vases, make up and brush holders, desk supply container. Get creative with yours and share with us on Instagram. Tag us at @castello_boutique. Shop your Voluspa candle today!

Ways to Reuse Your Voluspa Candle Containers

   Written by Castello's Stylist: Bryanna Ostmann 

A handy bag for everyday!! MCM

A handy bag for everyday!! MCM

This classic MCM handbag is a must  have for the fashionesta in your life!!

MCM Black/Grey Munich Lion Camo Print Coated Canvas and Leather Stark  Backpack MCM | TLC

MCM just celebrated there 45th anniversary!!

Coffee Break: Medium Liz Reversible Visetos Leather Shopper - Corporette.com

Snag this gem before its too late! 

Mcm Liz Project Visetos Reversible Medium Shopper Bag In Black | ModeSens

 Before we explore this fun bag you may be  curious what "MCM" stands for well we have an answer!!!! Drum roll !!!!!


MCM= Michael Cromer Munich


MCM is a growing brand still today. They educate themselves on fashion trends and fads. This bag will never go out of style. Anyone can see you rocking this bag, and they know the brand right away it doesn't matter the persons age. 


What makes a few of these handbags stand out from the others in this  collection is they're reversible!! One day you can have the classic MCM look, than the next day reverse the bag and you have a fun design. 

MCM Visetos Liz Reversible Medium Shopper Tote | [Brand: id=413, name=MCM]  Handbags | Bag Borrow or Steal


The features in this bag just keep getting better!!!! Its like Christmas morning!!! In the inside of the bag there is a little clutch that you can take out!!MCM Visetos Medium Liz Reversible Shopper Tote Black 701310 | FASHIONPHILE


  Written by Castello's Stylist: Bryanna Ostmann 




No need to hide away in your cave when it's cold outside!

Winter is just around the corner, and the staple for every woman's wardrobe during the chilly season is a furry jacket. What makes Max Mara's Teddy coat different from all the others? The inside has extra room that you can layer for added on style and those extra cold.


The teddy bear coat has a lapel collar which is flappy and folded. This type of collar shows that you want to make a fashion statement. The lapel collar started in the 18th century with men wearing them, while wearing tailcoats. As time went on, they calmed down with the style. Now we see them all the time, as fashion always repeats itself. 



In the cold season, layering is one of the best ways to go out wearing many of your favorite pieces. Below are some different ways that you can style your Teddy bear coat. During the day you can dress it up, or you can dress it down for all those night prowlers. 

So if you're wondering what addition you need in your wardrobe, make room in your closet for this furry friend!  


 Written by Castello's Stylist: Bryanna Ostmann 




Total G-Shockers-The watch with the ultimate toughness to complete the ultimate goals

Total G-Shockers-The watch with the ultimate toughness to complete the ultimate goals

Are you looking for the most durable digital and analog watch that can take on extreme toughness? Trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts all around the world, the red and black GBD800 G-Shock gets the ultimate goals completed with the perfect color pop!

             TOTAL (G) SHOCKERS 

  • Shock/200M Water Resistant digital models 
  • A multi-segment digital display to improve readability and operation when engaging in sports/ outdoor activities
  • The LCD is divided into upper, middle, and lower sections with a digital dial in the upper right.
  • Every display area shows different, measurements, timekeeping, and other useful information such as data about daily activities. 
  • A metal button on the front and vapor deposition face, which means the chemical process where you bind tiny particles to a surface – in this case, watches. More specifically, the process bonds a small layer of metal compounds to the watch. The metals are vaporized, and in that way bound to the surface in layers, using a heated vacuum.
  • These watches link with the G-SHOCK connected app to provide a number of functions that enhance your workouts!
  • Daily health and fitness support functions include a 3-axis accelerometer that tracks your step count.
  • A Multi-Timer lets you create up to 20 timer combinations of 5 each memory for up to 200 lap records. 
  • The app makes it possible to maintain step count logs with 5 exercises intensity levels, to calculate the calories you have burned!
  • LED Backlight (Auto LED light, Super illuminator, selectable illumination duration (1.5 seconds or 3 seconds) (afterglow)

The material of the band is made of resin. Also the clasp is a buckle making this adjustable to fit any wrist. There's a reason why G-Shocks are named the unbreakable watch. They reinforce the benchmarks for shock resistance. Built with uncompromising passion. Water resistant and shock resistant, the watch that is ready to help you take on your day!

Join the G-Squad and get your G-Shock today!