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about us

Castello Boutique

We offers a one-stop shopping experience of expertly curated styles : luxury, designer and contemporary ready-to-wear are merchandised together in a sleek shopping environment alongside the season's most coveted footwear and lifestyle products.

The philosophy of Castello is to provide a modern collection of wearable design collections for not only world-class brands, but also for emerging designer and promising brands for their valuable lifestyle. Castello is the true destination for functional and stylish wardobes with an extensive, yet discerning selection of designer ready-to-wear, footwear, and lifestyle products.

Castello is

Our highest value is to create an environment where people can connect throught similar appreciations.

Our prime commonality has always been a simple one; beautiful and unique clothing and products from the world over.

Collectively we have a uniquely structured elevated contemporary store that simply did not exist in any capacity in Red Bank. From that need, and our aforementioned desire, Castello was broght to life in 2013.

The shop

The shop curates a fine balance between fashion, functionality and quality, with a detailed focus on brands. We offer brands carefully curated from all over the world specifically for their unique and in dividual strengths whatever we sell, we ensure the brands are leaders both within their category as well as the intricate web of worldwide garment makers.

Castello puts in the legwork to bring you the most interesting brands, making it easy to shop and interact with the individual garments. Gone is the pretention of large department stores and too-cool boutiques. We are more interested in making connections who buy products they believe in than simply selling the most units possible. We look forward to seeing you soon.



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