Color: IRON BLUE(50)
Size: One Size

Tanker Backpack 622-76639-50

Since its announcement in 1983, the 'TANKER' series, which has been synonymous with Porter, uses original fabrics developed with the motif of the US Air Force flight jacket 'MA-1'. The three-layered fabric of nylon twill (front side) + polyester cotton (middle layer) + nylon taffeta (back side) is very light, and the soft feel of the bonding material and the vivid rescue orange on the back side are attractive.


  • Brand : Porter
  • Style : Tanker 2Way Briefcase 622-79311-10
  • Item type : Bag
  • Material : 100% Nylon
  • Made in: Japan
    • Width: 360mm, Height: 500mm Diameter: 180mm

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