White Fluted Mug 11 OZ S/2_1017380

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Product Description

  • Style# :  1017380
  • Product Type :  Plate
  • Color :  White/Blue
  • Material :  Porcelain
  • Made in Thailand.


  • This set of two 33 cl White Fluted Mugs appear in a slender design, which embodies the simplistic style of the unpainted porcelain. The fluted surface makes for a timeless style that elevates any occasion to an unforgettable memory for two. Created from the base shape of the Blue Fluted Plain collection, White Fluted is minimalistic, unadorned and eternally classic. The pure whiteness of the simplistic collection makes each piece stand out it handmade elgance, emphasising the iconic flutes in the porcelain. Every piece of White Fluted is beautiful on its own and in combination with one or more of Royal Copenhagen's hand painted dinner services.