Harmony Cuir/Peau Cc TT-00055

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Harmony Cuir/Peau Cc TT-00055
  • Brand : Reqins
  • Style : Harmony Cuir/Peau Cc TT-00055
  • Color: Black or white 

Reqins is a french retailer, founded by a brother, sister duo in 1987. Born in Marseilles, Reqins footwear embraces originality and simplicity whilst creating both modern and timeless designs.

As a brand and in their designs Reqin is not afraid to go against the tide. Pushing their shoes to stand out from the crowd Reqins collection includes a range of both classic and daring designs. Mixing daring colours, versatile materials and unique shapes, every Reqin shoe includes a little extra detail to stand out. From stars and pompoms to vibrant prints, Reqins footwear is the star of every outfit.

While Designed in France, Reqins shoes are stocked in countries all around the Mediterranean. Made using a wide selection of materials, leathers and fabrics, from the best Italian or Spanish suppliers.