Today I'll be highlighting another brand that is a current favorite around the boutique: Golden Goose 

Golden Goose was first started in the year 2000. It was created by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, in Venice, Italy. Upon inception the creators of the brand wanted to make sneakers that are a reflection of their lives: inspired by the ideas that nothing in life is perfect, and there are many inspirations to be found throughout the journey of live.

They travelled around collecting memories and ideas that they would later shape into their own unique shoes by pairing these designs with a touch of handmade Italian craftsmanship as a sort of homage or remembrance of their heritage. As Golden Goose is built on the idea of a sort of perfect imperfection, this is reflected in the design of the sneakers as each is uniquely distressed.

Moreover the distressing of the sneakers actually serves more than just an aesthetic purpose. The shoes are supposed to feel "broken in" as soon as you put them on for added comfort straight out of the box. This is also supposed to breathe more life into shoes and the brand itself as they pride themselves on being a "living work of art with the scratches to prove it." If you're looking for a pair of well-made shoes that comes with a unique sense of style and functionality, then Golden Goose is the brand for you!

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While they are available online, feel free to come into our physical store in Red Bank, NJ, to purchase select styles from this brand as well as: Timberland, Saucony, Buttero, and many more!

January 26, 2021