One of the newest arrivals at the boutique comes from world renowned Japanese designer: Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake started his self-titled brand in 1970. After graduating from Tama Art University in Tokyo, he worked internationally in New York and Paris.

Having done work and research abroad he returned to Japan and started Miyake Design Studio which initially specialized in high end women's designer fashion. Since then the brand has expanded to include: menswear, womenswear, bags ( the Bao Bao collection), watches, perfumes, and other specialty products.

Miyake also boasts quite the resume having had collaborations with other prolific Japanese contemporaries such as Takashi Murakami, and even a friendship with Steve Jobs, creator of Apple. Apparently the iconic turtlenecks Jobs used to wear everyday were made upon request by Miyake himself!

baobao 広告ads

Miyake's Bao Bao bag collection, however, is designed to give the consumer a look into the intriguing world of Issey Miyake.

The bags feature an easily recognizable design that features triangle pieces so as to transform the bag from a 2-D object to a 3-D one when the bag is in use.

The idea of the design is to add a sort of "size playfulness" as the brand puts it. There is a certain sense of surprise and humor in each design that also features colors that were chosen to reflect the changing seasons.

The bags are made to be easily stored when not in use and are able to fold down to 1/4 of their original size. Bao Bao bags make for a great "subtle flex" or even a statement piece (should you choose one of the brighter colors) and are a functional accessory for almost any outfit.

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January 26, 2021