The blank Ophthalmic Gucci sunglasses are a must have this summer. This pair of sunglasses isn't just for sun blockage, but also a fashion statement.  You can turn night into day with these lens. 


Image of GUCCI 56mm Cat Eye Sunglasses 



For example, the Ophthalmic sunglasses have the cat eye look to them.  The frame was designed to give women the confidence they want when they wear sunglasses.  These are a pair any woman would want to have in her collection of sunglasses.They are classic chic.  Plus black goes with everything. 



Image of GUCCI 56mm Cat Eye Sunglasses


The lens style of these sunglasses are not like any other pair you will own. If  you  have an angular face round eyeglasses are a perfect fit for you.  The plastic frames on these pair are comfortable to wear around the ears and nose.  Sunshine is not exactly needed when wearing these. The reason for this is because the lens turn your light from night into day. 


If you're a person who likes to have designer brand names on your garments or accessories these sunglasses are for you! They are jeweled on the side with the writing  Gucci. This will be the perfect staple to sparkle up your summer fashion. 






June 03, 2021