Suede Blanc 3 Wick Tin 8121

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Suede Blanc 3 Wick Tin 8121

Notes of Buttery Sueded Leather, Amber and Cedar.

Wrap up in a comfortable jacket of soft, supple well-worn suede. Low-key, mellow and infinitely smooth…its sultry caress envelops all in a veil of smooth sensuality. Suede Blanc is the accessory that complements any style.

Our iconic 3 Wick Tin takes on a new look and feel, adorned in the Maison pattern. A graceful container featuring three wicks creates a generous melted wax pool and ample fragrance throw while burning. This 12 ounce tin makes a statement in any space and includes a coordinating lid, which can be used to extinguish the flame.

Burn Time: ~ 40 hours
Fill: 12 oz.


  • Brand : Voluspa
  • Style# : Suede Blanc 3 Wick Tin 8121
  • Item Type : Candle
  • Material : wax blend
  • Made in California