Cloud Airflow Mask Strap (Stripe)

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Cloud Airflow Mask Strap

Never forget your mask, use our face mask neck strap, and hang it around your neck. When you're not using your mask, hang like a necklace.

  • Brand : Cloud Mask Strap
  • Style# : CL005635
  • Size : 
    • Solid Line : L 27 x W 0.1 (in)
    • Stripe Line : L 24 x W 0.3 (in)
  • Features :
    • Comportable Wear - Face mask and hangs at a comfortable length
    • It is very convenient to carry your around your neck all day with these stylish chain and straps. Never need to worry about disappear when you take it off for a while.
    • These lanyards will not cause any trouble to your work and life, whether it is work, call or enjoy lunch, these light and reliable ropes will not cause any burden on you, suitable for all people.
    • Combines seamlessly with all versions of Cloud Mask.
    • How to Use :
      • 1. Attach the loop of the mask strap to the earring on the mask.
      • 2. Put on the mask while passing the mask strap behind your neck.
    • Caution :
      • When using this item, Be careful not to expose the inside of the mask.
      • Do not transform the mask strap with a knife or scissor.
      • Do not use the mask strap if it is contaminated.
      • Do not get close to fire.
      • Keep out of reach of babies.