45 Basket Small 8807

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45 Basket Small

The mesh bag of the box type that knit flat leather for length and breadth alternation. One point of bag edited by the handwork of the craftsman varies in one point of texture, and an only special feeling is attractive in the world. I use leather, but it is light and is not worried about weight like the basket of the rattan even if I carry it for a long time. In addition, I embezzle it, and leather color taste and textures increase. As it is simple and is a silhouette without waste, I play an active part in various scenes.

  • Style Lady's leather mesh bag
  • Material LEATHER (leather)
  • Size (about) H20 X W27 X D15cm
  • A handle: 32cm, a handle (height): 12.5cm
  • Weight (about) 410 g
  • Accessories DRAGON DIFFUSION original preservation bag