Stussy App Hood 118354

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Stussy App Hood

 Stussy's original logo??founder Shawn Stussy's stylistic scribble of a signature??has always been more than enough to turn a simple article of clothing into a design savvy piece of streetwear. While pointed, edgy and distinctly rigid, there's an inherent fluidity to it.  Innocent and elegant, ornate yet irreverent, the graffiti-styled script covers all the bases. And the umlauts act like the cherry on top. 

This classic Stussy logo hoodie shines in its simplicity with little more than Stussy's "stock" logo embroidered on well-made fleece.

Product Description

  • Brand : Stussy
  • Style Code :  118354
  • Product type : Hoodie
  • Colors available in Black, Navy or Wine
  • Material : 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester


  • Fleece sweatshirt with hood
  • Embroidered logo

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