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So here is something everyone should have in their home...NEST. These fragrances boost your mood with it's elevated scent. Nest candles and the reed diffusers are a luxury candle. Nest gives off not only a soothing aroma based on your favorite scent, they use expensive ingredients and more honed fragrances. 


Nest has fancier packaging and the products them self are elegant and lovely. Once your candle or reed diffuser run out, you can either refill them, or you can repurpose them like I did below!  

               Here is a reed diffuser, as well as a candle that I reused !

In 1992, Laura Slatkin had no interest in home fragrance. She had spent 12 years building a successful career for herself working on Wall Street, where she met her husband. After they were married, her brother-in-law had an interior design business that was booming and was looking for partners to help him expand, when Slatkin and her husband signed on. Together, the three went on to create Slatkin & Co., which launched in Saks Fifth Avenue and was one of the first luxury home fragrance brands on the market. Nest Fragrances the Company, was founded in 2005. Laura launched the company's first fine line in 2008. Now Eurazeo owns the majority stake in the company, which had previously been owned by Tengram Capital Partners, and Slatkin remains very much involved as executive chairman of the brand. 

Nest Fragrances is a core collection of scents created to fill one's home with the essence of luxury, sophistication and beauty. There are so many good scents to choose from like Summer's hit Grapefruit which is a mic of juicy pear and crisp apple. The smell is light and fruity. Birchwood Pine is perfect for the winter season because of it's smell of pine needles. Sicilian Tangerine smells of citrus tangerine, tropical passion fruit, and mangos. The scents are all a beautiful combination and really bring a room to life when you enter and inhale your first breath. 


“The right fragrance can lift your spirits, calm your senses or set the tone for your day.” 


 Check out my video explaining why Nest is so good!

Get your Nest candles and reed diffusers at Castello Boutique located at 48 Broad St. Red Bank, NJ 07701 or shop your Style Castle online!

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